How Do I Choose the Right Humidifier?

If you aren’t familiar, a whole-home humidifier gets water right from your water supply and the water panel only needs to be changed a few times during the winter season. There are more up-front costs to begin, but there is less maintenance, fewer energy costs and mold prevention in the long-run. A smart way to pick the correct humidifier is by having a Home Health™ report done by Service Experts. Every home is different, and every family is different. So, every humidification need is also different. There are a a number of factors to evaluate when selecting a humidifier for your house, and Service Experts can help you navigate and go over all options. Think about size. A humidifier's capacity, or the volume of moisture it can distribute in a given time, should match your particular household's needs. The capacity is measured as gallons per day of operation. One process to find out the correct-sized humidifier for your space is by multiplying the total floor area in by the ceiling height. Consider your budget. Consider not only the basic price of the humidifier, but also operating and maintenance costs. Some brands take up more energy than others, so choosing a model that is right for your home and budget is extremely important. Our Experts at Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning can provide you a home health report to help you select which humidifier is best for your house. And our assessment will ensure you are getting the right solution to fit your current HVAC system.