Is sound an issue for heating and air conditioning?

Yes. Heating and cooling that makes a lot of noise intensifies sound pollution. Although no energy savings are tied to less noise at home, the sound rating of a heating and cooling system can have a serious effect on comfort and enjoyment of your Tempe home. The sound level of an air conditioner or heat pump depends on a number of factors, such as the equipment, and the level to which the compressor is insulated. Although nearly all heating and cooling systems made today are quieter than ever before, it's a safe idea to compare sound ratings when assessing a new air conditioner or heat pump, specifically if the equipment resides by bedrooms or living rooms. While some noise from your HVAC system is no cause for concern, hearing odd or loud noises could indicate a probable problem with your machine. If you don’t correct it, it could lead to significant—and expensive—issues at some point. Service Experts can help you determine what’s going on with your system and what needs to be done to fix it. If you catch any of these sounds coming from your equipment, call an expert technician for an examination without delay