Why is my HVAC making noise?

It’s expected for your HVAC equipment to make a little noise as it works. There are a few factors that influence its sound level, such as age and insulation.

However, hearing odd or loud noises might mean a possible issue with your equipment. If you won’t repair it, there might be significant (and costly) effects later on.

Here are some of the AC noises and furnace noises we often see in Tempe and what they could mean. If you’re dealing with any of these sounds, contact a tech immediately. Bob Brown Service Experts will figure out what’s happening with your equipment and what needs to be done to fix it.

Units that make too much racket increases sound pollution. While noise might not necessarily have an affect on energy efficiency, it could affect comfort in your house.

Heating and cooling equipment made recently are quieter than ever before. However, it’s wise to check sound levels for your new air conditioner or heat pump, particularly if it’s installed near your bedroom or living room.